My professional me

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I've decided to write a blog post about me, so that only the bravest of you, the ones that are not satisfied by the "about me" page and the most curious would get to know me better. 

I moved to London by "accident" in a sunny day of June 2011 after a very brief stay at home, in Italy, while I was on my way back from the United States. I say "by accident" because London was never in plans. I've actually been quite averse to the idea of leaving in such a big city, but a job offer is very difficult to decline, especially in such difficult time for my country's economy. 

So after convincing my former girlfriend to pack and move to the UK, I started my adventure at GlobalWebIndex, a market research startup with the biggest study on users interaction with the Internet.

At that time it sounded like the perfect place to feed my immense curiosity and to understand the internet a little bit better.

If you ever worked in a startup, I'm sure you know that every day is never the same. Sometimes you find yourself dealing with the biggest account, the other day you're decorating the kitchen. For me it was more like one day I'd develop the content strategy, the other day I would develop the Italian Market, and then again the the after I would do something different. Tasks are infinite, almost like the thing that you can learn. The downside is that you have to learn everything by doing. But it is also the greatest way to find out about what actually interested you and what you good at. 

So it's here that I realize that I was good in creating networks, speaking in public and writing stories. The two things combined brought me to the attention of the first blog I've written for, TechEconomy, especially thanks to Stefano Epifani, the very first person who believed in me and that I will never thank enough. After a year writing for TechEconomy, a much bigger publication noticed my story, CheFuturo the most prominent publication in Italy about ICT and Innovation. This meant I was ready for bigger stages and that's how I got approached by Wired Italy to become a contributor.  

In the meantime, after 3 years, it was about time to look for new gigs and I decided to leave GlobalWebIndex to spend more time with the people I loved and gain a bit more independence. Unfortunately that didn't make a lot of economical sense, so after exactly 365 day I found myself accepting a more lucrative job. 

So I joined Seven Publishing, a content marketing agency, to work on Sainsbury's account for a 7 months interim contract. Seven has been a great experience where I also learned a lot, especially about the agency world and about FMCG industry. 

It is at that point that one of my stories made it to the most authoritative newspaper in the World, The Guardian

Now that I had a small pot of money in pockets I could finally start chasing my dream job again. And that's how I got at iStarter. I always wanted to work for startups. It was actually my dream to be able to help young entrepreneurs with my skills and area of expertise. After accepting a huge salary cut that I was ready to trade for a better work-life balance, I got the keys of their marketing department. The experience unfortunately didn't turn out as expected, but i made me a lot more connections and I had the chance to widen my network.

And here I am now, with a little treasure of experiences gained in 5 years working in different environments and wearing different hats. Thanks to this experience I'm now able to help companies managing their everyday marketing activities, media relations and PR. 

Also writing for Wired and The Guardian, opened many doors to me including the one to the world's biggest tech publication, TechCrunch. 

Watch this space for more updates and do not hesitate to get in touch to ask more informations.